A Revolutionary Computer-Based Platform For Firearms

Cutting edge engineering designed for processing power, long battery, and strong durability

Lots of power, small, rugged package.

Expandable, customizeable, wireless. Make your Accessories Smart.

About Odyssey

A computer-based platform on firearms

The Odyssey is a programmable, wearable, device for firearms that enables advanced features such as live fire virtual reality training and firearms safety applications.

  • Expandable - Incorporate the power of Odyssey in your products.
  • Battle Shockproof Ruggedized - designed for harshest environments.
  • 12 axis motion tracking - great for training, recoil analysis.
  • Camera module makes Odyssey the perfect "firearm dash cam".
  • Fits industry standard 1" OD. Only 2.6" long and 2.6 oz.
  • Ideal for low power IoT, Wearables, Virtual Reality, Edge Computing.

Use Case

Wearable Computing

Odyssey's small yet powerful computing form factor makes it ideal for a variety of wearable computing applications.

Internet of Things Sensors

Odyssey boasts 12 axis motion sensors at 9K per second, concurrent fine motion and max impulse to 200 G's, gyroscope, magnetomer, microphone (50Hz-22kHz).

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual with Odyssey motion tracking.

Firearm Training

Motion tracking can be used to review shooting performance and improved training.

Smart Accessories

Odyssey's powerful processor can be the perfect brain. Make your dumb accessories smart.

Precise Recoil Analysis

Gun manufacturers can use Odyssey to precisely track recoil and ballistics.

Current Partners

Seeking Partners

The Odyssey platform is being built with hardware and software partners in mind. Our system uses the industry standard 1" diameter tube as well as USB-C technology to make accessory building as simple as possible. These standards allow the use of existing mounting systems and standards based power and data transfer to the main Odyssey platform core. This enables the creation of low cost smart attachments such as smart laser systems, cameras, and much much more. We look forward to partnering with individuals and companies to extend and build upon the Odyssey Armament System.

We are actively seeking partners to license our technology please contact us for details.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Virtual Reality firearm training
  • Smart accessories for the Odyssey platform
  • Industry standards for firearm recoil discomfort for different demographic segments
  • Firearm safety solutions built on Odyssey platform
  • Software applications for the Odyssey System
  • Odyssey embedded intelligent firearms

Our Team

Han Ooi


Brian Swalwell

Software Lead

Chris Chambers

Member of the Board

William Wornardt

Vice President of Sales

Glenn Jenkinson

Visual Cortex Development


Latest News

12/5/2018 3:35:33 PM

Odyssey and camera integrated


Glock 17 with Odyssey and camera unit being live fire tested at the Texas Gun Club

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