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11/21/2023 PHASE I COMPLETE: ODYSSEY ARM Advances to Phase II Prototype for U.S. Army Soldier Virtual Trainer

RADIOSITY HOLDINGS, LLC (ODYSSEY ARM) in collaboration with Serious Simulations, Advances with Team CAE to Phase II of the U.S. Army Soldier Virtual Trainer

ODYSSEY ARM with prime partner Serious Simulations of Orlando Florida, and CAE USA has been awarded the U.S. Army’s Phase II rapid prototyping effort supporting the Soldier Virtual Trainer (SVT) program.

The Other Transactional Authority award is a 20-month effort to finalize the prototype of the Weapons Skills Development system, the SVT Core computational system, and the Intelligent Tutor. The award to Team CAE, and their industry leading partners, followed a two-year selection process that included a broad industry participation, a down selection for live solution demonstration, and a head-to-head competition for a single-year development to the US Army.

As a component of the Synthetic Training Environment (STE), the SVT prototype extends the U.S. Army’s capabilities to empower soldier-led training at the point of need. During Phase I, CAE collaborated with industry leaders and team partners, including ODYSSEY ARM, Serious Simulations, Haptech, FAAC, and 4C Strategies to develop the next generation of virtual training solutions for the U.S. Army.

Delivering point-of-need training technology combined with advanced learning science is a strength of our Defense & Security mission,” says Daniel Gelston, Group President, CAE Defense & Security. “Aligned with U.S. Army training modernization objectives, CAE’s expertise with synthetic training environments provides effective operational readiness to our soldiers.”

“Our state of the art inside-out armament tracking solution is key part of an integrated weapon instrumentation system for real weapons that will enable soldiers to instrument and utilize their duty weapons for point of need training with a vast array of display interfaces,” says Han S. Ooi, CEO and Founder of Odyssey Arm.

The SVT program is part of the Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) modernization effort to deliver a Synthetic Training Environment that will transform how the U.S. Army trains its soldiers to meet the demands of future missions. The program will integrate several individual soldier training capabilities into a next-generation training system. It is expected to replace legacy training systems and fill critical training gaps, providing soldiers the repetition necessary to train and succeed in multi-domain operations.

The Soldier Virtual Trainer prototype and other agile solutions for next-generation capabilities are a priority of CAE Defense & Security to address the adapting needs of global customers in alignment with modernization priorities.

ODYSSEY ARM will continue to aid in the development of agile solutions for next-generation capabilities.



Houston, Texas

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